Universal Vehicle Trim Screw Assortment (550 pcs)

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Disco Automotive # 8605

Universal Vehicle Trim Screw Assortment (550 Pieces)

The Disco Automotive part number 8605 is a 550 piece Trim Screw Assortment that contains 23 different sizes and types of Trim Screws that cover a wide range of uses. With it's plastic, 24 hole plastic tray and snap-close lid, this kit is compact and easy to keep in the garage or even the vehicle itself. Comes complete with a lid-label detailing the sizes, look and size of the rivet, as well as the Disco Automotive part number of the fastener in case you run out of just one or two types and need to order a refill.

  • 24 Hole Plastic tray with snap-lock tabs
  • Contains 23 different sizes of Trim Screws
  • 203 total pieces

  • Approx. Weight of Item : 5 Pounds
  • Popular Body Bolts, Hex Nuts & Extruded U-Nuts.
    Part numbers for reference of item only - not quantity.
  • 6185PK ∼ Wheel Opening Moulding Teks Screws
  • 6401PK ∼ Chrome Sheet Metal Screws
  • 1184PK ∼ Sheet Metal Screws
  • 7004PK ∼ Stainless Steel Torx Trim Screws
  • 5554PK ∼ Hex Head Loose Washer Black Teks Screws
  • 2970PK ∼ Black Trim Screws
  • 6010PK ∼ Wheel Opening Moulding Teks Screws
  • 6402PK ∼ Sheet Metal Screws
  • 1186PK ∼ Sheet Metal Screws
  • 7005PK ∼ Trox Trim Screws
  • 5552PK ∼ Black Teks Screws
  • 9145PK ∼ Black Trim Screws
  • 6265PK ∼ Black Teks Screws
  • 6403PK ∼ Chrome Sheet Metal Screws
  • 1624PK ∼ Black Sheet Metal Screws
  • 7006PK ∼ Chrome Torx Trim Screws
  • 5791PK ∼ Black Trim Screws
  • 1077PK ∼ Zinc Teks Screws
  • 6411PK ∼ Chrome Sheet Metal Screws
  • 1625PK ∼ Black Sheet Metal Screws
  • 7007PK ∼ Black Stainless Trox Trim Screws
  • 5984PK ∼ Black Trim Screws
  • 1620PK ∼ Slotted Zinc License Plate Screws

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    Manufacturer Profile : In 1986 Disco Automotive emerged as a master distributor of automotive fasteners for the automotive aftermarket. Ever since then they have been a family owned business with a company goal of complete customer satisfaction with their products and services. With thousands of different styles of clips and fasteners you can choose from the popular plastic, nylon and metal items. Giving you the best variety at the best prices.

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    Product NameUniversal Vehicle Trim Screw Assortment (550 pcs)
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