Sure Power: Trail Charger (12V∼12V) 50 Amp

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Sure Power Industries Trail Charger | 11050C00

12-Volt, 50 Amp | Temperature Compensated | Trailer Battery Charger

Sure Power (Eaton) Tail Chargers recover DC voltage loss from long lines and charge remote 12-volt battery banks at a temperature compensated voltage level, extending your vehicle battery life.

What does a Trail Charger do?
"Give yourself a lift with the improved Sure Power Trail Charger!"

  1. The Sure Power (Eaton) Trail Charger DC/DC battery charger 11050C00, allows operators to charge a remote battery bank at a temperature compensated voltage. This technology eliminates voltage loss due to long wire lengths and automatically adjusts for temperature extremes.

  2. The Trailer Charger (11050C00) charges lift gate and other batteries at the voltage needed, working to keep batteries charged and ready for your next lift.

  3. With low standby current draw, IP67 sealing, robust vibration performance and a proven track record of successful operation in harsh transportation environments; Sure Power's Trail Chargers set the standard for ruggedized DC/DC battery Chargers.


  • Output : 50 Amp
  • Lift Gate Motor Gate : 175 Amps
  • Seconds of lift run time : 25 Seconds
  • Amp hours used : 1.2 Amps per hour
  • Lift during daily operation : 100
  • Total Amp / hours used during day : 120 Amps per Hour
  • Total run time required to charge battery : 3 hours
  • Voltage Regulation : Temperature Compensated
  • IP67 Sealed : Yes

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Manufacturer Profile :

Sure Power Industries (now part of Eaton/Cooperbussman) provides a wide variety of quality products and engineering services designed to aid in the management of DC electrical systems. Since inventing the Battery Isolator in 1959, Sure Power has been designing and manufacturing innovative, reliable and cost competitive products and services for a wide variety of markets including off-highway, bus, and truck, marine and automotive.

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Product NameSure Power: Trail Charger (12V∼12V) 50 Amp
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