Sure Power Trail Charger 12 Volt DC-DC (50 Amp) Battery Converter

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Sure Power Battery Converter | 12-12 Volt | 50 Amps

Sure Power 11050C00 : Trail Charger 12 Volt DC-DC, 50 Amp Converter.

The 11050C00 is a specially designed DC/DC converter that is used to charge a battery from a 12V source. The specific application is charging the battery that is mounted on the trailer of a vehicle used to power a lift gate. The distance between the alternator of the vehicle and the trailer-mounted battery makes it difficult to get adequate voltage to the battery.

The Sure Power Converter 11050C00 has a microprocessor on-board to measure the input voltage, output voltage and current, boost voltage, temperature sensors. An Intelligent Power Switch on the output is used to provide consistent, robust protection and control of the output current.

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Over-Voltage Shutdown : 16.7 Volts to 17.3 Volts

Output Voltage : (Average of) 14.2 Volts
23.5 Volts to 24.5 Volts for input voltage above 22 votls.

Output of Continuous Load : 50 Amps

Operational Temperature : -40°F to +185°F (+85°C)

Approx. Item Weight : 6 Pounds

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  • Installation Instructions with Datasheet : Sure Power 11050C00

  • Advertisement Brochure : Sure Power 11050C00

    The Trail Charger 11050C00 has two modes of operation:

    Boost Mode: This mode is enabled when input voltage is nominal (e.g.. Vin = (Vout + 0.6 Vdc)). When the converter is operating in this mode, the output voltage is temperature compensated.

    Bypass Mode: This mode is enabled when the input voltage is greater than the output voltage. In this mode, the converter will enter a "burst" operation whereby the output will burst on and off when the pass through current exceeds 20ADC.

  • Under and Over Voltage Protection
  • Reverse Voltage Protection
  • Voltage Transient Protection
  • Over load and Short Circuit Protection
  • Thermal Overload Shutdown
  • Equalization Status Indicator
  • Sealed from the Elements
  • Ignition Turn On

  • Manufacturer Profile :
    Sure Power Industries (now part of Eaton Corporation) provides a wide variety of quality products and engineering services designed to aid in the management of DC electrical systems. Since inventing the Battery Isolator in 1959, Sure Power has been designing and manufacturing innovative, reliable and cost competitive products and services for a wide variety of markets including off-highway, bus, and truck, marine and automotive.

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