Sure Power: Battery Equalizer (12V∼24V) 10 Amp

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Sure Power Battery Equalizer | 12/24 Volt | 10 Amps

The Sure Power 12010E00 is part of a family of equalizers and converters that are designed to step up the input voltage in order to achieve the appropriate output voltage. To reduce quiescent current, the equalizer/converter is enabled through an ignition terminal.

The equalizers monitor the input voltage at the terminals and provide an output that is twice the input. On equalizers, an output voltage shift terminal is available to aid in optimizing charging systems. This terminal also serves as an ignition pin. When power is applied to the voltage shift terminal, the output voltage is increased. At 13.5V input, the output will increase 0.9V above the normal 2∗Vin value. The amount of increase is input voltage dependent. Please refer to graph for other voltages in the Item Datasheet below (Page 7 & 8).

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  • Datasheet : Sure Power 12025C00

  • Installation Instructions : Sure Power 12025C00

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  • The unit utilizes three channel shaped bus bars for making power connections. Each bus bar is equipped with an M8 hex head bolt. The bolt head is captured within the channel and the channel prevents rotation of the head, when tightening the nut. The control connections are made via 1/4" male tabs.

  • Reverse Input Polarity Protected (MOSFET).
  • Reverse Output Polarity Protected (MOSFET).
  • Input current protected from Load Dump and Inductive Transients.
  • Input Under/Over Voltage causes unit to safely shutdown.
  • Short circuit and current limiting protection is supplied by monitoring the output current. Detection of a short circuit or overload turns the output off. The unit then cycles the output on every 1.5 seconds to determine if the short circuit has been removed. Upon removal of this condition the output voltage will return to its normal state.

    Thermal protection is provided by monitoring the heatsink temperature. Detection of extreme temperature shuts the unit off. When the heatsink cools approximately 15C the unit will automatically turn back on.

    Loss of ground Protected : Ensures no damage to the unit.

    Unit is protected against all mis-wiring conditions with the exception of the condition where: Unit GND is connected to system +12V, Unit +12V is connected to system +24V, Unit +24V is connected to GND, and Unit IGN is connected to system +24V.

    STATUS INDICATOR : An LED status indicator is provided to denote when the unit is producing current. As the batteries become equalized the equalizer current will approach 0 amps, and the LED indicator will diminish in intensity and eventually go dark. In converters, as the output current approaches zero the LED will go dark.

    Manufacturer Profile :
    Sure Power Industries (now part of Eaton Corporation) provides a wide variety of quality products and engineering services designed to aid in the management of DC electrical systems. Since inventing the Battery Isolator in 1959, Sure Power has been designing and manufacturing innovative, reliable and cost competitive products and services for a wide variety of markets including off-highway, bus, and truck, marine and automotive.

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    Product NameSure Power: Battery Equalizer (12V∼24V) 10 Amp
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