Step-Down Butt Connector 16/14ga to 22/18ga (Nylon) - (Each)

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Step-Down Butt Connector 16/14ga to 22/18ga (Nylon) - (Each)

Butt connectors, also known as splice connectors and crimp connectors, are a crucial component in electrical systems. We have splices for nearly every type of wiring need, including simple wire splices designed for heavy-duty vibration applications and in harsh environments where sealed connectors are required.

Step-down butt splice terminals are used to connect two wires together. Simply insert wires on each end until they reach the built-in wire stop in the center. Two crimps are required, one for each wire.

Insulation: Nylon
In a very short summary Vinyl is cheap, Nylon is better (and more expensive).Higher-end terminals use nylon insulation which has good dielectric properties and does not out-gas like vinyl - a critical factor in aerospace applications. Furthermore, nylon is resistant to hydrocarbons like gasoline, hydraulic fluids and oils.

Manufacturer Description:

Hillsdale Terminal and Tool has been in the stamping business since 1976. They are a U.S. manufacturer of solderless crimp terminals and also carry a line of wiring accessories. Their manufacturing capabilities include a full line of crimp terminals, non-insulated, brazed seam, vinyl, nylon, heat shrink and instant tap connectors.

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Product NameStep-Down Butt Connector 16/14ga to 22/18ga (Nylon) - (Each)
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