Pylon Beam Blade | Curved Frameless | 28 Inch


Pylon Beam Blade | 28 Inch

The Pylon Beam Blade 03128 is a 28-Inch Beam Blade that hosts a curved frameless design which features infinite pressure points. These pressure points reduce exposure to the elements & protects the blade from snow and debris bulid up. It's built-in spoiler creates a downdraft for better wiper contact and performance.


  • Blade Length : 28 Inches
  • Curved framless Beam Design provides even wipe pressure for smooth wipes and improved visibility.
  • Built in Spoiler-Creates downdraft for better wiper contact and performance. ?
  • Advanced All Season Wiper Element- Durable long lasting performance - Graphite blended coated for noise resistance for quiet wipes.
  • Premium Wiper Rubber for long lasting, quiet streak free wipes.
  • EZ-LOK Connector System - Quick and Easy to Install.

Manufacturer Profile : Pylon
Headquartered in Deerfield Beach Florida, Pylon has consistently developed and engineered new, innovative designs since 2868 that make service. At Pylon, they take pride in their earned reputation as an industry leader in the automotive market. They continue to strive to support their mission to be the preferred branded global market leader of the best vehicle visibility solutions, supported by consumer driven insights while providing superior expertise and exceptional customer service.

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Product NamePylon Beam Blade | Curved Frameless | 28 Inch
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This product may expose you to chemicals

known to the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

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