Permatex: NOS Max Street Octane Booster

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Permatex NOS Max Street Octane Booster

This product is for a single Permatex NOX Max Street Octane booster for gasoline engines.

NOS maximum performance for the street was developed to increase octane effect up to 30 points or 3 octane numbers. Blended with the strongest MMT concentration allowed by law for street use. Also contains our unique performance-enhancing Powertane. Restores and improves horsepower. Improves gas mileage, eliminates knocks, pings, and hesitation. Protects against carbon deposits in the fuel injectors and combustion chamber.

  • Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.
  • Increases octane effect of unleaded gasoline up to 3 full Octane Numbers.
  • Cleans fuel injectors and combustion chamber.
  • Excellent as a lead substitute.
  • Reduces hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions.
  • EPA registered.
  • Provides corrosion protection.
  • Improves fuel efficiency.
  • Prevents valve sticking.
  • Eliminates engine knocking and pinging.
  • Restores lost horsepower.
  • Prevents stalling and hesitation.
  • Water suppressant properties.
  • Recommended for all standard carburated, fuel injected, turbo and super-charged engines
  • Excellent smoke suppressant for 2 cycle engines
  • Recommended for high-performance engines plus marine, industrial, lawn, farm and recreational vehicles
  • NOTE: NOT recommended for use in diesel engines

    Manufacturer Profile :
    Permatex is a leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium chemical products to the automotive maintenance and repair markets. The Company, which sold its first product in 1909, is a recognized leader in the introduction of new products and services in the automotive aftermarket. Permatex markets and sells a variety of products under well-recognized brand names such as Permatex, the Right Stuff, and Fast Orange.

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