NOCO: Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer (2.5 Watts)

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BLSOLAR2 Battery Charger and Maintainer

2.5 Watt for 12 Volt lead-acid batteries

The Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer is a 2.5 Watt ultra-low profile thin film. It is best for maintaining 12 Volt batteries found on your motorcycle, ATV, boat, RV, tractor, lawn mower or snowmobile.

Suitable for maintaining all types of lead-acid batteries, such as, Wet, Gel, MF and AGM. The Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer is completely weatherproof, and can be used outdoors.

Provides up to 180 milliampere (.18 Ampere) charging current, and protects against accidental reverse battery drain. Its thin film technology allows for optimal performance in low-light, cloudy and overcast conditions.

  • Voltage : 12 Volts
  • Capacity : 2.5 Watts (180 millamperes)
  • Warranty : 5 Years
  • LENGTH : 9.45"
  • WIDTH : 9.45"
  • DEPTH : 0.67"
  • Rated at 2.5 Watt (180 milli-ampere); for 12 Volt lead-acid batteries.
  • Waterproof, UV resistant, and weather resistant seals; weather resistant solar charger for outdoor rated at IP65.
  • Thin film technology; works well in low-light, cloudy and overcast conditions.
  • Designed for safety; short circuit, open circuit, overheat and over-current.
  • Multiple battery chemistry; safely charges wet, Gel, MF and AGM batteries.
  • Includes four (4) suction cups; easy to mount in many different locations and positions.

  • Manufacturer Profile :
    The NOCO Company is a leading manufacturer of battery technology solutions for many businesses and government agencies around the world. NOCO is best known for creating NCP-2 for preventing battery corrosion on lead-acid batteries. For over 96 years, the NOCO brand name has been reliability and dependability. Our relentless pursuit for quality excellence is what separates NOCO from competitive brands. The Noco Company is a specialist in battery products and accessories industry. Noco products include: battery corrosion preventatives, battery cleaners, battery boxes, battery chargers, solar battery chargers, battery terminals, booster cables, battery cables and many more products.

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    Product NameNOCO: Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer (2.5 Watts)
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