NOCO Genius Battery Charger - 26 Amp

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NOCO Genius Battery Charger | Part#: G2600

The G26000 is a smart, 15 Step, fully automatic switch-mode battery charger and maintainer. The G26000 restores batteries to their original capacity, recovers slightly sulfated batteries, charges batteries in cold climates, rescues drained batteries, and provides maintenance charging to increase battery life. A powerful battery charger with specialized charging modes for recovering severely drained batteries, that will not accept a normal charge and the ability to perform an equalization charge. The G26000 comes equipped with a remote temperature probe for optimized charging performance. Suitable for most 12V and 24V battery capacities from 25-500Ah, such as Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Snowmobiles, Jet Skis, Cars, RVs, Boats and Trucks.


  • Voltage : 12 or 24 Volts
  • Amperage : 26 amps
  • Approx. item weight : 4.4 Pounds


    STEP 1 : Diagnostics
    Checks the battery voltage to make sure battery connections are good and the battery is in a stable condition before beginning the charge process.
    STEP 2 : Recovery
    Initializes the Recovery process, if needed, for deeply discharged or sulfated (desulfation) batteries by pulsing small amounts of current.
    STEP 3 : Soft Start
    Begins Bulk charging process with a gentle (soft) charge.
    STEP 4 thru 7 : Bulk
    The Bulk charging process continues and returns 80% of the battery capacity. Indicated by the 25%, 50% and 75% CHARGE LEDs.
    STEP 8 : Absorption
    Brings the charge level to 90%. The battery charger will deliver small amounts of current to provide a safe, efficient charge and limit battery gassing.
    STEP 9 : Trickle
    Battery is fully charged and ready to use, indicated by the 100% CHARGE LED being a solid Green. In this step, the battery charger will only deliver enough current to keep the battery full. If the battery tells the charger that more current is needed, the battery charger will switch to Maintenance.
    STEP 10 : Maintenance
    Continuously monitors the battery voltage to determine if a maintenance charge should be initiated. If the terminal voltage falls below 6.4V (6V) and 12.8V (12V), the charger will start the Maintenance cycle until voltage reaches 7.2V (6V) and 14.4V (12V) and then discontinues the charge cycle. The cycle between Trickle and Maintenance is repeated indefinitely to keep the battery at full charge, without overcharging. The battery charger can be left connected indefinitely.
    STEP 11 : 13.6v Supply
    The 13.6V SUPPLY mode is used for low voltage batteries, maintenance charging or as a power supply.
    STEP 12 : 13.6v Equalization
    The 13.6v Equalization is used to provide an equalization charge by delivering a constant voltage of 13.6v.
    STEP 13 : Silent Night
    The SILENT NIGHT is used to provide quiet operation by reducing the charging current to 5A (5000mA) and disabling the internal cooling fan.
    STEP 14 : 16v Boost
    The 16V BOOST mode is used to recover battery capacity from a stratified (sulfated) battery by applying a specialized high 16.5V (17V Max) voltage to soften and melt down sulfate from the battery plates so that the material becomes usable again.
    STEP 15 : 32v Boost
    The 32v Boost is used to recover battery capacity from a stratified (sulfated) battery by applying a specialized high 33v (34v Max) voltage to soften and melt down sulfate from the battery plates so that the material becomes usable again.

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Manufacturer Profile : NOCO Corporation
The NOCO Company is a leading manufacturer of battery technology solutions for many businesses and government agencies around the world. NOCO is best known for creating NCP-2 for preventing battery corrosion on lead-acid batteries. For over 96 years, the NOCO brand name has been reliability and dependability. Our relentless pursuit for quality excellence is what separates NOCO from competitive brands. The Noco Company is a specialist in battery products and accessories industry. Noco products include: battery corrosion preventatives, battery cleaners, battery boxes, battery chargers, solar battery chargers, battery terminals, booster cables, battery cables and many more products.

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