Nissan Front Bumper Fascia Retainer | 25/64" Black Nylon | 15 Pack

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Disco Automotive Front Bumper Fascia Phillips Screw Retainers | 15 pack | 10538PK

The Disco Automotive part number 10538PK is a 15 pack of Disco Automotive's Black Nylon, Nissan Front Bumper Fascia Retainers that replace Nissan's part number 63854-01A00. These types of retainers have a love-hate relationship with many people. With it's phillips screw head, they're easy to remove and install, however... should the top part get Stripped out due to being composed of cheap plastic or vinyl that's too hard for pliers to grab, it can get frustrating quickly. With Disco Automotive retainers, made with nylon due to the material's resistance in weather and temperature, it'll happen a lot less. Also Nylon has a longer life then it's biggest competitor vinyl. So when you go to replace that stubborn or missing retainer, remember Disco Automotive - save yourself money and time, all while getting a quality made retainer.


  • Black Nylon
  • 15 Retainers
  • Mitsubishi Part # : MB547806
  • Nissan Part # : 63854-01A00


  • For Hole Size : 25/64" (10mm)
  • Stem Size : 26mm
  • Flange Diameter : 18mm

Manufacturer Profile : Disco Automotive Hardware
In 1986 Disco Automotive emerged as a master distributor of automotive fasteners for the automotive aftermarket. Ever since then they have been a family owned business with a company goal of complete customer satisfaction with their products and services. With thousands of different styles of clips and fasteners you can choose from the popular plastic, nylon and metal items. Giving you the best variety at the best prices.

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Product NameNissan Front Bumper Fascia Retainer | 25/64" Black Nylon | 15 Pack


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