Magnum Energy: Automatic Generator Start Module (Network Version)

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Magnum Energy Automatic Generator Start Module
(Network Version) Part#: ME-AGS-N

The ME-AGS-N Auto Generator Start controller is networked to a Magnum inverter and can automatically start your generator based on battery voltage or inside temperature. Starts most diesel or gas generators.

Magnum Energy's Automatic Generator Start (ME-AGS) controller allow your generator to automatically start based on low battery voltage and/or high temperature.

Imagine being able to enjoy a day away golfing, touring, or sight seeing, all-the-while knowing your coach will stay cool and comfortable and your batteries will stay charged and ready for all of the activities that make up daily living. There's nothing better than returning to a nice, cool comfortable coach with charged batteries while dry camping in hot weather.

You can come home to a comfortable coach with the Magnum Auto Gen Start (AGS). The Magnum AGS is compatible with most major generators, including Onan, Powertech, Generac, and Weterbeke. Please check with your Magnum dealer for specific model compatibility.


The ME-AGS-N is the 'network' version of Magnum Energy's Automatic Generator Start (AGS) controllers. The version is setup and operated via a Magnum Energy Inverter and ME-RC or ME-ARC remote panel.

When using the ME-RC Remote, the ME-AGS-N has basic adjustments starting on battery voltage or temperature.

When using the ME-ARC remote, the ME-AGS-N has advanced start and stop settings based on: Time of day, battery State of Charge, battery voltage, high temperature, or inverter load amps. Also includes the ability to manually turn the generator ON and off, generator exercise, warmup and cooldown.

  • ME-AGS-N Owner's Manual ∼ Click here to view
  • Addendum to ME-AGS / ME-AGS-S Operator's Manuals ∼ Click here to view
  • ME-AGS-N Data Sheet ∼ Click here to view
  • ME-AGS-N Relay Timeing Table Manual ∼ Click here to view
  • Provide the Generator Run Sense Output (HOW TO) ∼ Click here to view
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    Magnum Energy is a leading manufacturer of premium inverter/chargers for Mobile and Renewable Energy applications. With over 70 years of combined inverter manufacturing and design experience, Magnum Energy uses this experience to develop some of the industry's most reliable and advanced inverter/chargers.

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