Lucas Upper Cylinder & Injector Cleaner (5.25 fl oz)

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Lucas - Fuel Treatment - (part#: 10020-)

Contains no alcohol or solvents. Stops pinging. Neutralizes poor quality fuel. Use in carbureted and fuel injected engines to extend upper engine life. Fuel burns more completely for lower emissions, more power and better economy in gasoline, diesel and LPG engines.

Negates the harmful effects of reformulated gasoline especially in older automobiles and 2 cycle engines. Use in diesel engines to neutralize the harmful effects of low sulphur diesel fuel.

A must for high performance engines. This product should more than pay for itself in fuel savings alone. Add one bottle when you fill up your tank, easy to add with no mess.

One bottle treats 25 gallons of fuel.

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Product Name Lucas Upper Cylinder & Injector Cleaner (5.25 fl oz)
SKU 10020-
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This product may expose you to chemicals

known to the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

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