Little Trees Air Freshener : Pina-colada

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Car-Freshner Little Tree - Pina-Colada

This item is a single "Pina-Colada" scented Little Tree Air Freshner.

Escape to a tropical beach with the sun warming your face and a refreshing drink in your hand. Hang anywhere for a long-lasting fragrance.

  • Tropical, exotic scent.
  • Sweet blend of pineapple and coconut.
  • World famous quality and long lasting scents.

  • Manufacturer Profile :
    Over 60 years ago, a milk truck driver in northern New York complained to Julius Sämann, a local scientist, about the smell of spilled milk. Sämann had lived in the Canadian pine forests extracting aromatic oils. He went to work and, using exceptional fragrances on speciality material, soon invented the first automotive air freshener. He drew the abstract evergreen shape and gave it the brand name CAR-FRESHNER. All LITTLE TREE air fresheners are made in their two factories in the United States: Watertown, New York; and DeWitt, Iowa. In Europe, Trees are branded ARBRE MAGIQUE and WUNDER-BAUM, and are made in affiliated factories in Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

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