Littelfuse: 225 Amp - MEGA Fuse (298 Series)

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LittelFuse: MEGA Bolt-On Fuse ∼ 225 Amp - (Part#: MEG225)

Littelfuse patented device designed for high current protection up to 250 amperes found OEM on Ford, GM and Chrysler vehicles. Slo-Blo feature eliminates nuisance blowing during temporary, short duration overloads. Commonly used for battery and alternator connections and other heavy gauge cables requiring ultra high current protection.

  • Voltage Rating Characteristics: 32V AC/DC Slo-Blo

    Color Code Index for the MAXI Blade Fuse:
    The "color coded" part upon these fuses is the text upon the fuse itself:

  • Yellow : 100 Amp
  • Green : 125 Amp
  • Orange : 150 Amp
  • White : 175 Amp
  • Blue : 200 Amp
  • Tan : 225 Amp
  • Pink : 250 Amp

  • Approx. Item Weight: 0.1 Pounds

    Manufacturer Description:

    For eight decades, LittelFuse has been developing industry-leading circuit protection products by working closely with thier customers. These unique partnerships have led to such innovations as the first small, fast-acting protective fuse in 1927, the first automotive blade fuses and the world's smallest SIDACtor device. Littelfuse solutions can be found in virtually every product that requires electrical energy, from automobiles to computers to telecom devices.

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    Product NameLittelfuse: 225 Amp - MEGA Fuse (298 Series)


    This product may expose you to chemicals

    known to the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

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