JT&T: vinyl Insulated ring

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JT&T: Vinyl Insulated Ring 14-16G #10 (Part#:2008H)

    Type: Ring Terminal Connector - #10 Stud

    Wire Size: 14 gauge to 16 gauge

    Ring Size: #10

    Insulation: Vinyl

    Quantity: 19 Pieces

    In a very short summary Vinyl is cheap, Nylon is better (and more expensive).
    Typically, to keep costs down, the basic terminals use vinyl insulation. Vinyl provides good dielectric strength and supports the wire insulation.

    • Example of use:
      The Ring terminal connectors are a tried and tested terminal type that has been around since 1930, which the first ring terminal was invented to enable faster and more reliable automotive electrical installations; and are still used frequently in many different electronic systems. Ring terminal connectors are designed in a way so that you can crimp a wire to the terminal, then secure the connection using a screw, bolt, or bolt-nut combination (like on Starter solenoids), making a very effective and secure Ground-connection, or ensuring a power (or sensing) wire stays in it's place.

Manufacturer's Profile :

JT&T / The Best Connection, Inc, Products is a merchandiser and supplier of quality electrical wiring accessories, serving wholesale distributors in the Automotive, Electronic, HVAC/R and Hardware markets. JT&T Products brand over the past 35 years has been providing excellent products and excellent customer service, adn plan to continue this in hopes of being your preferred supplier for at least another 35 years.

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