JT&T: 18 Gauge Teal Fusible Link Wire - 4 Foot Length

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JT&T The Best Connection
18 Gauge Light Blue Fusible Link Wire

A fusible link Wire is a type of electrical fuse that is constructed with a short piece of wire typically 4 American wire gauge sizes smaller than the wire that is being protected. For example, an AWG 16 (16 gauge) fusible link might be used to protect AWG 12 (12 Guage) wiring. Electrical fusible links are common in high-current automotive applications. The wire in an electrical fusible link is encased in high-temperature fire-resistant insulation to reduce hazards when the wire melts.

  • Wire Size: 18 Gauge
  • Wire Length: 4 Feet
  • Wire Color: Light Blue
  • JT&T The Best Connection Part#: 201H

    Manufacturer Profile:
    Since their inception in 1978, The Best Connection, Inc., (d.b.a. JT&T Products), has been an innovator in marketing electrical wiring accessories. Along with personalized service, their commitment to providing higher quality products remains a core value as they continue to produce top-quality electrical wire and accessories around the world.

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