JT&T: 12-10 ga. Vinyl Butt Connector (50 Pieces)

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JT&T: (12-10ga) Butt Connector
Vinyl Insulated - 50 pack

    Type: Butt Connector Terminal

    Wire Size: 12 gauge to 10 gauge

  • Insulation: Vinyl
    In a very short summary Vinyl is cheap, Nylon is better (and more expensive).
    Typically, to keep costs down, the basic terminals use vinyl insulation. Vinyl provides good dielectric strength and supports the wire insulation.
    • Example of use:
      The Terminal normally called a Butt Connector can have many uses, though more commonly seen as simple wire spices, or connecting two wires together to form one; instead of replacing the entire wire for one bad spot - or using more expensive connectors when all one needs is to connector two wires together.
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Product Name JT&T: 12-10 ga. Vinyl Butt Connector (50 Pieces)
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