Heavy Duty Anderson Battery Connector Housing - Blue

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SBX350 Heavy Duty Anderson Battery Connector Housing - Blue

SBX350 Heavy Duty Blue Anderson Housing Only - Terminals sold separately

INSTRUCTIONS :: These connectors are a "Genderless" connector, meaning that there is no "male" or "female" version. These connectors are designed so that they may be a plug and/or receptacle - please click the link below for a picture demonstration.

  • Picture Instruction - SY, SB & amp; SBX Connector Types.

  • One of the most popular items in terms of heavy-duty wire connections are these "Forklift Connectors". Built out of impact resistant polycarbonate, these forklift connectors offer both high physical strength and superior dielectric properties. Each Connector's construction is finalized by their Integral stainless-steel springs that maintain constant pressure on the contact to insure a consistent, low resistance connection.

  • Extra-Wide Contacts
  • Housing mate together : Function as a plug and/or receptacle.
  • Single piece housing
  • Impact resistant polycarbonate
  • High physical strength
  • Superior dielectric properties
  • Self-Cleaning contact design
  • Integral stainless steel spring

  • What's the difference between an SY, SB and SBX?
  • SY Connectors : Value brand battery connector. Slightly smaller prong footprint than an SB connector - Stainless steel spring.

  • SB Connectors : Quality brand battery connector. Slightly larger prong footprint than an SY connector - Stainless steel spring.

  • SBX Connectors : Heavy-Duty battery connector. Large blade contacts. Stainless steel spring.
  • These connectors are designed to mate only with their own type and color of connector. Meaning a Blue SB175 can only "mate" with another Blue SB175 connector. Although to some it seems as though the SY can fit an SB connector, the connection is not full and complete, and so, not recommended.

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    Product NameHeavy Duty Anderson Battery Connector Housing - Blue


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