ECCO 500 Series Smart Back-Up Alarm : 12-48V 77-97dB(A)

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ECCO Smart Back-Up Alarm

12-48 Volt | 77-97 db(A) | Surface Mounted Reverse Alarm

The ECCO Smart Back-Up Alarm model number SA951, is ECCO's most compact and popular line of back-up alarms. The 500 Series provides a cost-effective warning solution with ECCO quality and reliability. A glass-filled nylon housing with epoxy-encapsulated electronics provide exceptional durability and protection against moisture, dust and vibration. ECCO's 500 Series SmartAlarm measures ambient noise and adjusts sound levels, creating a volume that is safe without being annoying or contributing to the noise pollution. Smart Alarms eliminate the need for constant manual adjustment and help prevent unintentional alarm disconnection.

This product is an ECCO "Smart Alarm" : Smart Alarms self-adjust to their environment as they constantly measure ambient noise and adjust their sound level to 5 db(A) above, creating a volume that is safe without being annoying or contributing to the noise pollution. Pure Tone models feature the familiar beep-beep sound of a conventional back-up alarm while Multi-Frequency versions provide a solution to potential noise pollution created by conventional back-up alarms in confined or densely populated work areas. Multi-Frequency alarms maintain a safe warning signal for those in the danger zone of backing vehicles while minimizing disturbance to work-site neighbors by using a range of sound frequencies within a narrow band to emit a warning signal that is more directional and perceived to dissipate quicker than that of a Pure Tone alarm.

  • Voltage : 12-48 Volts
  • Amperage : 0.2 Amps
  • Decibels : 77-97 dB(A)
  • Alarm Sound : Tonal
  • Operating Temperatures : -40°F to +185°F ( -40°C to +85°C )
  • Mount Style : 2 Bolt
  • Connections : Two - 8-32 Uni Stud
  • Approvals : CE, R10, UL
  • Warranty : 2 Year (Manufacturer)


Compact size and universal mounting bracket maximizes location options.

Self Grounding (except model 575)

Sealed in epoxy for protection against dust, moisture, and vibration.

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Datasheet : ECCO Back-Up Alarm : 500 Series

Engineer Drawing : ECCO Back-Up Alarm : SA951

Installation Instruction : ECCO Back-Up Alarms

Back-Up Alarm Selection : What are the options?

There are several decisions to be made when selecting a back-up alarm.

First, you have the choice between a tonal alarm and a multi-frequency alarm. Industry experts have suggested either can provide an effect warning, and each has its merits as described below.

Second, you must choose an alarm with the appropriate sound pressure level (SPL). OSHA requires a reverse alarm to be audible above the surrounding noise level. If you know the ambient noise level and it remains reasonably constant, then the appropriate fixed dB alarm can be select, whether tonal or multi-frequency.

The key is complying with the requirements of OSHA while selecting the lowest SPL alarm possible so as not to create a noise nuisance. Fortunately, ECCO pioneered another solution - the Smart Back-Up Alarm, which is available in either tonal or multi-frequency. Smart Alarms monitor ambient noise and automatically adjust their output to 5dB above that, satisfying OSHA's requirements. Smart Alarms are the perfect solution for work sites with inconsistent noise or varying noise levels.

Manufacturer's Profile :
What they do at ECCO is known the world over. But why do they do it? All in the name of personnel safety and productivity. For more than 45 years, their people have put professionals first in engineering, designed, manufacturing and service, so they can work safer and with better results. Even at a glance it's clear to see why pros trust ECCO when there's a job to be done right.

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Product NameECCO 500 Series Smart Back-Up Alarm : 12-48V 77-97dB(A)


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