Dynatex: Medium Strength Bolt Locker - Green (24 mL.)

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Dynatex Green High Strength Boltlocker | Low Viscosity - Wicking Style | Part#: 49462

Dynatex Green High Strength Boltlocker is a high strength anaerobic threadlocking material that cures between engaged threads to form a unitized assembly that resists virtually all leakage, shock and vibration. Because of its low viscosity and capillary action, the product wicksbetween engaged threads and eliminates the need to disassemble, apply product and then reassemble. The high prevailing torque providesvibration resistance to adjustment screws. Ideal for all threaded engagements less than or equal to 1/4 inch in diameter. The product can also fill porosity in welds, castings and powder metal parts. Excellent chemical resistance with a temperature resistance range from -65°F to 350°F (-54°C to 177°C).


  • Container : 0.81 fl oz. bottle
  • Approx. Item Weight: 0.1 pounds


  • No mixing
  • No disassembly
  • Eliminates vibration issues
  • Seals porosity
  • Cures without cracking or shrinking
  • Can be adjusted or disassembled
  • Seals against leakage
  • Prevents rusting of threads
  • No curing outside of joint


  • Prevents loosening and leakage of pre-assembled threaded fasteners and as a porosity sealant. Particularly suitable for applications such as:
    • Pre-assembled threaded assemblies
    • Adjustment screws
    • Seal brazed joints in cooling systems
    • Seal porous welds
    • Seal porosity on brake unit housings

Dynatex is a major manufacturer and packager of automotive, heavy duty, fastening, industrial, and marine chemicals. Through their state of the art production processes, Dynatex has the capability of meeting our customers' specialized needs; No matter what the color, size or shape, Dynatex has the ability to deliver.

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Product NameDynatex: Medium Strength Bolt Locker - Green (24 mL.)


This product may expose you to chemicals

known to the state of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm.

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