Interacter: 24 volt 25 AMP - SCR Battery Charger (Industrial)

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Interacter SCR Battery Charger
Part #: IC24/25

The future of battery charging is here! The Interacter Professional Series I/C charger puts charging problems into the past. The NEW Interacter I/C is a high performance battery charger for use in demanding applications where optimal performance and service is critical, such as Golf Carts, Personnel Carriers, and Floor Sweepers. The I/C features Interacter's patented microprocessor controlled, Three Stage, Constant Current, Constant Voltage system that out-performs all industry standard chargers in the same price range. The internal "battery type" DIP switch can be field-set for use with gel-cell, SLA Absorbed, or Liquid Electrolyte battery types.

  • DC Output Volts : 24 volts
  • DC Output Amps : 25 amps

  • AC Input Volts : 117 volts
  • AC Input Amps : 7.5 amp
  • AC Input Frequency : 60 Hz

  • Automatic charge resume after A.C. supply interruption.
  • Yellow 80% battery recharged indicator.
  • Automatic override timer shut down due to battery fault
  • Front mounted On/Off switch with built in circuit breaker
  • External temperature compensation of charge voltage
  • Green "Ready" indicates when the battery is fully charged
  • Battery fault is indicated by the flashing "Ready" LED
  • Can be connected continuously without overcharging
  • Length : 12 inches
  • Width : 7 inches
  • Height : 7 inches

  • Approx. Item Weight : 28 pounds
  • Standard features of all Interacter Battery Chargers :
  • High energy retrun ∼ Fast Charging
  • Constant current first Stage
  • Dual Voltage Limit (Cyclic / Standby)
  • Proportional timed cyclic charge state
  • Constant voltage float standby
  • Automatic safety override timer
  • Start delay on battery connection
  • Short and reverse connection shutdown
  • Rugged SCR phase control
  • Mains zero-crossing battery sensing

  • Manufacturer Profile :
    Interacter offers a range of high performance Battery Chargers for use in demanding applications, featuring a patented microprocessor system that out-performs all industry standard chargers in the same price range. The THREE STAGE Constant Current, Constant Voltage, Proportionally timed system used in all Interacter models provides fast charging and optimal timing over a wide range of battery sizes and depths of discharge.

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    Product NameInteracter: 24 volt 25 AMP - SCR Battery Charger (Industrial)
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