Battery Watering Technologies : 12 Cell Watering Kit w/ Gray End

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Battery Watering Technologies : 12 Cell Industrial Battery Watering Kit with Gray End K1200TB4.5G

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This 24-volt Battery watering kit from Battery Watering Technologies is semi-assembled and includes 12 TB4.5g valves, 3 connector tees, 4 end pieces, black tubing and a gray male connector. The innovative design of the valves in this Battery watering system enable safe, secure and versatile watering. The strings are customizable for the exact setup required by the battery, allowing for easy installation.

While we are advertising specific battery sizes and injector valve, please note that we have the ability to order any size and configuration needed. Replacement parts are also available.

Battery Watering Technologies low-profile valves are constructed with the highest quality materials to maintain the highest standards of safety, preventing dangerous hydrogen gas movement from cell to cell. The white indicator eye is visible from the top and side of the valve making it easy to see. The clip-in design makes installation much easier, especially in tight-fitting cells. The valves work with low or high pressure and maintain precise electrolyte levels.

VB valves fit batteries with bayonet style openings. Please refer to the Industrial Valve Guide to determine which valve is needed for you specific application.
  • Gray End
  • 12 Cell System : Series 40
  • Centurion Series with VB-TB4 Valves
  • VB-TB4 Battery Watering Valve Features :
    Hydrometer Port : Hydrometer readings can be taken without removing the valve from the battery. The hydrometer opening has a slider with a stop so the covering won't break or get lost.

    Tubing Barbs : Eliminates the need for clamps and angled to make installation easy in tight configurations.

    z-Lock : The z-Lock feature integrates the tee piece with the valve for added strength.

    Indicator Eye : Visible from the top and side - confirms proper operation of the valves.

    Low Profile Design : Drastically reduces the risk of damage from battery cables.

    Clip-in Base : Installation is fast and easy - No twisting to lock in place.

    Encapsulated Float : Reinforced encapsulation protects the float and eliminates interference with the moss shield.

    Solid One Piece Float : Acid, temperature and impact resistant - solid construction cannot absorb water.

    Widest Pressure Range : The valves operate with pressure up to 35 psi using our filling devices. House static pressure should never be more than 80 psi. If needed, a variety of pressure regulators are available to lower pressure.
  • Battery Watering Technologies : Valve Guide.
  • Battery Watering Technologies : VB-TB4.5G Valve Features.

  • Manufacturer Profile :
    Battery Watering Technologies's mission statement is to achieve profitability by being a company of excellence which delivers products and services that exceed their customer's expectations. They are perceived as the premium provider of products and services in the Battery Watering Industry. They offer growth to their employees, contribute to the community and provide a work environment that is both professionally and personally rewarding.

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