8ga to 12-10ga ∼ Step-Down Connector (Bare) - (Each)

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(8ga to 12-10ga) Step Down Connector Terminal
Non Insulated - EACH

    Type: Step Down Connector Terminal

    Wire Size: 8 gauge to 12 gauge - 10 gauge

    Seam-Type: Bare Seamless

  • Insulation: None (Non insulated)
    Non-Insulated Terminals are something of an oddity in the world these days, though not because of their lack of insulation, but more in their difficulty of use. Many would complain about the "crimp" of the terminal never seems to work correctly; this is because they actually have a special crimper (Ratchet Crimper) or are designed to be soldered onto the wire itself, ensuring a very solid connection. Though you will hear of some that can work these connectors with just a normal pair pliers. The choice however, is always up to you. As an added note: some after using these terminals, like the option of covering them with heatshirnk; making colors mean your own thing, and customizing your installation even further.
    • Example of use:
      The Terminal normally called a Step Down Connector can have many uses, though more commonly seen a connector or terminal working simular to a splice; however, unlike a Butt Connector Terminal, this "splice' is one that makes a connection from a larger wire to a smaller one, or vise-versa.

Hillsdale Terminal Part#: 10318

Manufacturer: Hillsdale Terminal
Hillsdale Terminal and Tool has been in the stamping business since 1976. They are a U.S. manufacturer of solderless crimp terminals and also carry a line of wiring accessories. Their manufacturing capabilities include a full line of crimp terminals, non-insulated, brazed seam, vinyl, nylon, heat shrink and instant tap connectors.

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