22 - 18ga ∼ .250 Female Quick Disconnect (Nylon) (100 pack)

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(22-18ga) Female Quick Disconnect Terminal
Nylon Insulated - 100 pack

    Type: Female Quick Disconnect Terminal Connector

    Wire Size: 22 gauge to 18 gauge

    Tab Size: .250 x .032

  • Insulation: Nylon
    In a very short summary Vinyl is cheap, Nylon is better (and more expensive).
    Higher-end terminals use nylon insulation which has good dielectric properties and does not out-gas like vinyl - a critical factor in aerospace applications. Furthermore, nylon is resistant to hydrocarbons like gasoline, hydraulic fluids and oils.
    • Example of use:
      These terminal connectors are most commonly referred to as Quick-Disconnect connectors, or Fast-Tab Terminals. Much like the bullet style connectors, these terminals are used to connect two wires to each other that you may have to disconnect later, making it so you don't have to keep cutting the wire or going for a more expensive method of wire connection. The female style is the insert type - and the male style is the tab type.

Hillsdale Terminal Part#: 20176N

Manufacturer: Hillsdale Terminal
Hillsdale Terminal and Tool has been in the stamping business since 1976. They are a U.S. manufacturer of solderless crimp terminals and also carry a line of wiring accessories. Their manufacturing capabilities include a full line of crimp terminals, non-insulated, brazed seam, vinyl, nylon, heat shrink and instant tap connectors.

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