12 - 10ga ∼ 1/4" Ring Terminal (Crimp Solder Heatshrink) - (EACH)

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(12-10ga) 1/4" Ring Terminal
Heat Shrink Insulated - EACH

    Type: Ring Terminal Connector - 1/4" Stud

    Wire Size: 12 gauge to 10 gauge

    Ring Size: 1/4"

  • Insulation: Polyolefin Heat Shrink Fully Insulated (Crimp, Solder & Seal)
    The Heat Shrink insulation you'll find on these terminals is a type called Polyolefin, which is a type of high-grade shrink tubing. This Heat Shrink type is specifically made for many applications in high-heat areas. With it's special design, it will not melt and has excellent adhesion properties, forming perfectly over whatever it's covering and protecting. Because of the non-melt nature of this type of Heat Shrink tubing, it is also used in the "heat and solder" type terminals, being that you can use a torch type heat to melt the solder, without worry of melting the shrink tubing. These high grade terminals are used in many various applications across the world, and the only trusted type of terminal for high-cost applications due to their reliability.

    • Example of use:
      The Ring terminal connectors are a tried and tested terminal type that has been around since 1930, which the first ring terminal was invented to enable faster and more reliable automotive electrical installations; and are still used frequently in many different electronic systems. Ring terminal connectors are designed in a way so that you can crimp a wire to the terminal, then secure the connection using a screw, bolt, or bolt-nut combination (like on Starter solenoids), making a very effective and secure Ground-connection, or ensuring a power (or sensing) wire stays in it's place.

Hillsdale Terminal Part#: 80240

Manufacturer: Hillsdale Terminal
Hillsdale Terminal and Tool has been in the stamping business since 1976. They are a U.S. manufacturing capabilities include a full line of crimp terminals, non-insulated, brazed seam, vinyl, nylon, heat shrink and instant tap connectors.

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Product Name12 - 10ga ∼ 1/4" Ring Terminal (Crimp Solder Heatshrink) - (EACH)
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